Nine Inventory Task Force Work Teams spent the approximately two years assessing the nature and extent of information already available regarding the basin's land and water  management problems, opportunities and issues.  Team membership included Red River Basin Commission board members and alternates, agency officials, and private citizens.

The nine teams are:  Conservation, Flood  Damage Reduction, Drainage, Hydrology, Institutions, Water Law, Water Quality, Water Supply and Fish, Wildlife & Outdoor Recreation.

The Information gathered by the Work Teams formed the basis for the  development of achievable water management goals and objectives.

The Inventory reports are in PDF format to ensure their integrity. The reports used currently available data and information to assess the present status of water management in  the Basin, therefore, the reports contain large volumes of electronically scanned supporting data and documentation.  Conversion of the reports to PDF format may have made some of the scanned graphics and text  difficult to read.  Please contact the RRBC if you would like these pages sent to you in their original format.   Feel free to distribute the information contained in these reports.  For a CD  containing all nine reports, contact the RRBC office at 218-291-0422 or email



Fish, Wildlife, and Outdoor Recreation

Flood Damage Reduction



Water Institutions

Water Instituions Appendices

Water Quality

Water Supply

Water Supply Appendices

Water Law


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