Lake Traverse Special Task Force

Establishment of the Lake Traverse Special Task Force (LTSTF) was authorized at the RRBB's February 4, 1998  meeting.  Twelve meetings and one report subcommittee meeting were held during the past 2 1/2 years. The task force's final report was presented to the RRBB (now RRBC) at their August 3, 2000 meeting held in Rosholt, SD.

A copy of the Lake Traverse Special Task Force Final Report is available on CD. 
Contact the RRBB office at 701-356-3183 or email to obtain a copy.

Download the Lake Traverse Special Task Force Final Report

Thank you to all of the Task Force members who have been involved in this important planning  process.

Original Membership:

Jon Roeschlein

Pat Zavoral

Alfred Biggs

Cliff Barth

Roland Young

Ken Madison

Rick LeClair

LaVonne Ringsaker

Bob Zimmerman/Bob Martin

Jim Azure/Jerry Lein

Kent Duerre

John Alexander


Jack Adams

Charlie Anderson

Tim Bertschi

Arv Burvee

Jack Fredricks

Rich Freeman

Tim James

Todd Johnson

Terry Lejecher

Cliff McLain

Mike Polovitz

Dave Salberg

Mike Sauer

Herb Reimer

Dennis Walaker


If you have any questions about the RRBC, please contact the staff through email or phone 218-291-0422 or 204-982-7250.

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