20th Annual Conference

20th ANNUAL CONFERENCE - January 15-17, 2003
Conference Presentations:

Alternatives to Crisis,  An adaptive management model for the Red River of the North, Kristen Blann, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Basin Scale Water Quality Monitoring Efforts, David Arscott, U of M-Crookston

Decision Support, Mark Deutschman, Houston Engineering

Environmental Education as a Foundation for Watershed Awareness,  Aynsley Toews, Fort Whyte Center

FM  River Project, Dan Daley, EERC, Christine Holland, River Keepers, Hope Deutscher, Prairie Public TV, Charlene Crocker, EERC

Greenways and Riparian Corridors, Kelly Krabbenhoft, Audobon Dakota

How Do We Overcome Obstacles?, Jim Collins, Jr., ND State Health Department

How to Put on a Successful Water Festival, Christine  Holland, River Keepers, Karl McKinnon, Dakota Science Center

Hydro-Dynamic Modeling, Eugene Kozera, Manitoba Conservation

Leadership Award, Larry Whitney

Modeling and Micro-Storage, Bethany Bolles, EERC

Outstanding Program Award, River Keepers and Dakota Science Center

PIRC Inventory, Sam Schellenberg, PVWC, Kevin Scheidecker, RRBC

Putting Together Effective Partnerships, Cliff Greenfield, PVCD,  Dave Rush, Red River Regional Council

Real Time Forecasting, Leon Osborne, UND Regional Weather Center

The Role of Agriculture in Civilization, Bob McNabb, Minnedosa, Manitoba

Water Development and the Biota Transfer Issue, Dale Frink, ND State Water  Commission (Supporting documents available on the CD)

Water  Related Education in the Red River Valley, An Overview, Dan Daley and Charlene Crocker, EERC

Watershed Management, Agricultural, Jon Roeschlein, Bois de Sioux WD

Watershed Management, Industrial, Dan Stepan, Red River Water Management Consortium

Watershed Management, Urban Status, Adrew Cowan, City of Winnipeg

Watershed Management, Wildlife and Recreation, Dave Dobson, Manitoba Ducks  Unlimited

What is a Healthy Watershed, Dr. Jack Vallentyne, Great Lakes Institute, OFO

Working Towards Resolution to  Water Quality Impacts in the Red River Basin, Jon Roeschlein, Bois de Sioux Watershed District



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