23rd Proceedings

23rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Conference Program


Prescription for Great Lakes Ecosystem Protection and Restoration: Avoiding the Tipping Point of Irreversible Changes - HENRY REGIER, Professor Emeritus of Zoology, University of Toronto

Geology of the Red River Basin and Lake Winnipeg - HARVEY THORLEIFSON, PhD, Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota

Settlement and Water Management in the Red River Basin 1800 to 1900 - J.M. BUMSTED, PhD, Department of History, University of Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg Nutrient Loads - NICOLE ARMSTRONG, Water Quality Specialist, Water Quality Management Section of Manitoba Water Stewardship

Planned and Current Research on the Namao - AL KRISTOFFERSON, PhD, Fisheries Management Biologist, Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

An Overview of Lake Winnipeg Fisheries - WARREN COUGHLIN, Interlake Regional Fisheries Manager, Fisheries Branch, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Stakholders Speak Out:
Concerns and Suggestions About the Winnipeg Floodway Expansion - Karl Pohl

The Natural Resources Framework Plan - Lance Yohe, Executive Director, RRBC

Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Flood Protection - AL GRASSER, City Engineer, City of Grand Forks, ND

Red River Floodway Expansion - ERNIE GILROY, Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba Floodway Authority

Maple River Dam - TOM FISCHER, Chair, Southeast Cass Water Resource District

Red River Valley Water Supply Needs & Options - RICK NELSON, US Bureau of Reclamation

City of Winnipeg Water Supply - DUANE GRIFFIN, Water Planning Engineer and Branch Head for the Water Planning Branch, City of Winnipeg Water & Waste Department

The Role of Lake Agassiz in Global Change - JIM TELLER, PhD, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba

Weather Variability: What Most People Don’t Know About the Weather - JOHN WHEELER,  Meteorologist, WDAY TV, Fargo, ND

Hydrologic Impacts fo the Weather Extremes Pertaining to 2005 - ALF WARKENTIN, Senior Flood Forecaster, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Devils Lake and Stump Lake Infrastructure - JOE BELFORD, Ramsey County Commissioner and Lake Emergency Management Committee Cochair

Criteria and Indicators for Effective Local Water Institutions - ROBERT R. HEARNE, Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Prairie Water Policy Transboundary Report -HANK VENEMA, PhD, P. Eng., Director, Sustainable Natural Resources Management, International Istitute for Sustainable Development

Identifying Priorities of Water Quality - BILL BARLOW, Chair, Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board

Minnesota Water Quality Improvement Programs - MOLLY MACGREGOR, Red River Basin Coordinator, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

North Dakota Water Quality Improvement Programs - MIKE HARGISS, Environmental Scientist, ND of Department of Health, Division of Water Quality

City of Winnipeg Waste Water Treatment - NICK SZOKE, Senior Wastewater Facility Planning Engineer, City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department

Lake Winnipeg Implementation Strategy - NORM BRANDSON, Lake Winnipeg Implementation Committee

Lake Winnipeg: What Have We Heard? - LINDA KINGERY, Executive Director, Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

Conference Planning Committee
Jake Gust, Co-chair, RRBC Board Member
Muriel Smith, Co-chair, RRBC Board Member
Jon Evert, Clay County Commission & RRBC Board Member
Pat Fridgen, North Dakota Water Commission
Dave Gera, RRBC Board Member
Linda Kingery, Northwest Regional Partnership
Mike Kotchman, Producer
Dan Olson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Barry Oswald, Manitoba Water Stewardship
Brian Phillips, City of Winnipeg
Riley Rogers, Valley City Mayor and RRBC Board Member
Barrie Stevenson, Mayor of Morris
Mike Stainton, Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Ben Varnson, ND Water Resource Board & RRBC Board Member
Hetty Walker, Pembina County Commission & RRBC Board Member