24th Proceedings

24th Annual Red River Basin Land & Water International Summit Conference
The Ripple Effect: Working Today for a Better Tomorrow”
January 23-25, 2007


Going to the Well - Les Kletke

Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Act - Gaylen Reetz, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Floodway Expansion - Capacity Building for Tomorrow - Doug McNeil, Manitoba Floodway Authority

Planning for Future North Dakota Water Supply - Bruce Furness, Lake Agassiz Water Authority

The Relative Success of the 2006 Flood Fight - Alf Warkentin, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Flood Forecasting: Success Behind the Spring 2006 Red River Flood - Andrea Holz, National Weather Service -North Central River Forecast Center

2006 Flood Reports:
     Devils Lake - Joe Belford, Ramsey County
     Wild Rice River - Warren Seykora & Steve Dalen, Wild Rice River WD
     Fargo - Mark Bittner, City of Fargo
     Pembina - Becky Ault, Pembina Emergency Manager
     Grand Forks - Kevin Dean, City of Grand Forks

Mainstem Modeling - Charlie Anderson, JOR Engineering

LIDAR - Eugene Kozera, Manitoba Water Stewardship

SWAT - Bethany Kurz, Energy and Environmental Research Center

Web Based Mapping Service - Dale Frink, North Dakota State Water Commission

Is Real Time Data A Useful Tool in Water Quality?  - Bruce Holliday, Environment Canada

Satellite Image & Land Use: GIS Internet Resources - John Nowatzki, North Dakota State                                                                                                    University

Water Protection Act: Water Quality Management Zones for Nutrients - Dwight Williamson,                                                                                                            Manitoba Water Stewardship

Soil Erosion Reduction Report - Keith Weston, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Biological Monitoring and Assessment in the Red River Basin: The Chironomid Effect -
     Mike Ell, North Dakota Health Department
     David Donald, Environment Canada
     Rick Nelson, US Bureau of Reclamation
     Scott Niemela, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Differences in Water Appropriation -
     North Dakota - Dale Frink, North Dakota State Water Commission
     Manitoba - Don Norquay, Manitoba Water Stewardship
     Minnesota - Kent Lokkesmoe, MN Department of Natural Resources

Ripple Effects of Ethanol -
    Ralph Groschen, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
    Jocie Iszler, ND Corn Utilization Council & ND Corn Growers Assoc.
    Dennis Keeney, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Ripple Effects Wrap-Up - Linda Kingery