25th Proceedings

25th Annual Red River Basin Land & Water International Summit Conference
Ramada Plaza Suites, Fargo, ND
January 22-24, 2008


2008 RRBC Awards

Tuesday, January 22

Building the Dream - Morris Lanning, R.S. “Bud” Oliver, Lance Yohe, Jon Evert

The Power of One - Simon Jackson, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition


Wednesday, January 23


Basin Overview: Water Quality - Jim Ziegler, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Invasive/Aquatic Nuisance Species:

    North Dakota - Lynn Schlueter, North Dakota Game and Fish

    Minnesota - Dan Swanson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

    Manitoba - Wendy Ralley, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Water Quality Assessment of the Bois de Sioux and Mustinka River Watersheds Using SWAT - Bethany Kurz, Energy and Environmental Research Center

From the Stream to the Internet - Bruce Paakh, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Reducing Nutrient Loading to Lake Winnipeg and Its Watershed - Bill Barlow, Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board

A Ground Level Approach to Water Quality: Education/Implementation - Lori Frank, Barnes County

Making Local Partnerships Effective - Tim James, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Major Capital Program Challenges to Improve Winnipeg’s Waste and Wastewater Systems - Mike Shkolny, City of Winnipeg


Basin Overview: Conservation - Brian Dwight, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

North Dakota Soil Conservation Districts - Scott Hochhalter, North Dakota Extension Service

Clay County Soil Conservation District - Steve Hofstad, Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District

Manitoba Conservation Districts - Kristy-Layne Carr, Seine-Rat River Conservation District

Wetland Restoration in the Lake Traverse Watershed - Kent Duerre, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Monitoring and Modeling Results that Compare Infiltration and Recharge Rates on Grassland vs. Cropland - Phil Gerla, The Nature Conservancy

Environmental Farm Planning Leading to On-farm Environmental Action in Manitoba - Ute Holweger, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Association

Long-Range Conservation Planning - Henry Van Offelen, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

The Benefits a Greenway Can Offer Your Community - Melanie Parvey-Biby, City of Grand Forks, ND

ALUS: Alternate Land Use Services, an Ecological Goods and Services Research Project in Western Manitoba - Steve Ham, Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District


Basin Overview: Water Supply - Dale Frink, North Dakota State Water Commission

Ethics of Water Use - Hank Venema, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Red River Basin Commission Drought Preparedness Strategy - Steve Topping, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Ethanol and Water Use - Randy Schneider, North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association

Externalized Costs Associated with Ethanol Production - Bruce Sorte, U of M-Crookston

Making the Best Use of Water in a Bio-diesel Plant - John Falk, Sunbelt BioFuels Ltd.

Applying the Water Soft Paths Concept to Manitoba’s Watersheds - Matt McCandless, International Intsitute for Sustainable Development

Red River Valley Water Supply Project EIS - Update - Signe Snortland, US Bureau of Reclamation

Drought Forecasting Project - Mike DeWeese National Weather Service


Thursday, January 24


The Waffle Project Final Results and Conclusions - Bethany Kurz, Energy and Environmental Research Center

Manitoba’s Progress Towards “Living With the Red” - Steve Topping, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Red River Mediation: the Good, the Bad and the Future - Ron Harnack, Red River Watershed Management Board

The Evolving Corps: Flood Control to Flood Risk Management - Judy DesHarnais, Us Army Corps of Engineers

Maple River Dam: The Completion of a Dream - Jeff Volk, Moore Engineering

Red River Mapping Initiative: Redefining the Landscape - Charles Fritz, International Water Institute

Devils Lake/Stump Lake Equalization - Joe Belford, Devils Lake Outlet Awareness Manager

Southside Flood Protection - Jeff Volk, Moore Engineering



Continue the Dream - Linda Kingery, Northwest Regional Sustatinable Development Partnership