27th Proceedings

Presentations will be posted as they become available.

The Changing Face of Flooding - Jan. 19-21, 2010

WORKSHOP: No Adverse Impact * Protecting Property Rights for All * Total Water Resources Management - Ed Thomas, Esq, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc

Water Management in the Red River Basin: A Cooperative Approach - Sean Fredricks. Ohnstad Twichell

No Adverse Impact: Floodplain Management - Edward A. Thomas, Esq., Michael Baker, Jr. Inc.

Lessons From Two Very Different Spring Floods: 1997 and 2009 - John Wheeler, WDAY, Fargo, ND

Long Term Flood Solutions Project - Lance Yohe, Executive Director, RRBC; Morris Lanning, MN Legislature; Tom Fischer, ND Legislature

2009 Small Group Scenario Presentation - Linda Kingery, Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

A Look Back at the 2009 Flood: 2009 Flood Fighting and Forecasting Under Adverse Weather in Manitoba - Steve Topping, Manitoba Water Stewardship; prepared by: Alf Warkentin and Burnid Briggs, Manitoba Water Stewardship

2009 Flood: The Challenges of Forecasting a Flood Seven Months in the Making - Steve Baun, National Weather Service

Jurisdictional Flood Mitigation Process:
   North Dakota - Dale Frink, ND State Water Commission
   Minnesota - Kent Lokkesmoe, MN Dept. of Natural Resources
   Manitoba - Don Norquay, MB Water Stewardship

2009 Flood Fight
   Devils Lake, ND - Jeff Frith, Devils Lake Basin Joint Water                                                     Resource Board      
   Moorhead, MN - Bruce Albright, Buffalo Red River Watershed Dist.

After the Flood
   Federal Emergency Management Agency - John Devine 

Agency Presentations
  Army Corps of Engineers - Aaron Snyder
  International Red River Board - How Are We Living the Red? -
    Robert Halliday

Mike 11 Mainstem Modeling and Flow Reduction Findings - Charlie Anderson, JOR Engineering

Development of Basin-wide Flood Damage Reduction Principles and Goals - Bill Spychalla, Barr Engineering

Fargo-Moorhead Feasibility Study Update - Aaron Snyder, Army Corps of Engineers

LiDAR: Red River Basin Mapping Initiative - Current and Future Applications for Land and Water Management - Chuck Fritz, International Water Institute

Lower Pembina River 2-Dimensional Telemac Model: Science Based Solutions to Flooding Within the Lower Pembina - Gordon Bell, Agricuture & Agri-foods Canada

Building Capacity for Multi-Purpose Land and Water Investment: Basin Partnership - Vivek Voora, International Institute for Sustainable Development; Henry Van Offelen, MN Center for Environmental Advocacy

What’s In the Water and Which Way Did It Go? - Lynn Schlueter, ND Game & Fish Department

Red River Basin Water Conservation for Residential, Municipal, Commercial and Industrial Needs - Ted Shannon, HDR Engineering