28th Proceedings

Reflections on the Red - January 18-20, 2011

2011 Conference Program Booklet


Negotiating the Future of the Red River Basin:  Mitigation & Sustainability or Mitigation & Misery - Ed Thomas, Michael Baker, Jr. Inc.

Principled Negations and NAI Tools Guided a Difficult CLOMR Review - David Mallory, Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Denver, CO

Minnesota Higher Standards - Cil Strauss, CFM, MN Department of Natural Resources

Keynote Speaker
Designing Resilient Communities - Thomas Fisher, Dean, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Red River Retention Authority (RRRA): Speeding Up the Process - Bill Hejl, RRRA ND Co-chair

Long Term Flood Solutions - Things we can do: Structural and Non-Structural Options - John Jaschke, Executive Director, MN Board of Soil and Water Resources


Benefits and Limitations of Flood Water Retention - Chad Engels, Moore Engineering

Further Simulations of Pembina River Flooding - Gord Bell, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, SK

A Methodology to Identify Potential Distributed Water Storage Sites Using LIDAR - Kyle Glazewski, Energy & Environmental Research Center, ND

Water Retention in the Seine and Rat River Watersheds - Jodi Goerzen, Seine-Rat River Conservation District, MB

Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Feasibility Study - Aaron Snyder, US Army Corps of Engineers

Impacts of Climate Change and Non-Stationarity on the Fargo-Moorhead Flood Control Project - Pat Foley, US Army Corp of Engineers

The Interannual Variability of Northern Plains Cold Season Precipitation and Spring Flooding as Related to the ENSO and the PDO - Allen Schlag, Service Hydrologist, National Weather Service, ND

Managing High Water Levels on Minnesota Lakes - Bruce Albright, Buffalo-Red River Watershed District, MN

High Water Levels in Manitoba - Steve Topping, Manitoba Water Stewardship

High Water Levels on Devils Lake - Mike Grafsgaard, City of Devils Lake, ND

Silver Jackets Program - Mike Hall, ND State Water Commission

Aquatic Nuisance Species: What You Really Need to Know - Laurie Wesson, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Agricultural Water Enhancement Program - Jill Howard, Natural Resources Conservation Service, ND

Aquatic Invasive Species - Candace Parks, Manitoba Water Stewardship

Aquatic Invasive Species: Impacts on Water Development Projects - Darrin Hoverson, MN Department of Natural Resources

Aquatic Nuisance Species: Control Options and Costs - Lynn Schlueter, ND Game and Fish Department


Tile Drainage: Flows & Hydrology - Gary R. Sands, Associate Professor and Extension Engineer, Dept. Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota

Tile Permitting Procedures and Policies in the Bois de Sioux Watershed District - Jon Roeschlein, Administrator, Bois de Sioux Watershed District, MN

Potential Effects of Tile Drainage on the Beneficial Use of Water -
W.M. Schuch, North Dakota State Water Commission


2011 Leadership Award - Dan Wilkens


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