29th Proceedings

2012 Success Stories

 Devils Lake Session


  • Manitoba First Nations: Flooding Issues and Impacts: Dennis Whitebird, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
  • 1) An Update on Lake Winnipeg:  Dwight Williamson, Manitoba Water Stewardship
  •  2) The Role of Flooding in Eutrophication of Lake Winnipeg: Greg McCullough,  Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of  Manitoba
  •  3) The Lake Winnipeg Bio-Economy Project: Hank Venema, International Institute for Sustainable Development
  •  General Session
  • 1) A Step Toward Overcoming Fractured Governance and Programming at the Water-Land Interface Along Lake Winnipeg South Basin Shorelines:  The Lake Winnipeg Foundation Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (LWF SHIM) Project:  Alex Salki, Lake Winnipeg Foundation
  •  2) Identifying Priority Management Zones (PMZs) for Best Management Practice Implementation in Impaired Watersheds:  Greg Wilson, Barr Engineering
  •  3) Assessment of the Fish Assemblages and Habitat Quality in the Red River of the North, 2010, US Mainstem Portion:  Wahpeton to Pembina, ND: Chris O. Yoder, Midwest Biodiversity Institute
  •  3)  Fargo-Moorhead Diversion - Moving Forward:  Aaron Snyder, US Army Corps of Engineers