32nd Proceedings

Presentations will be added as they become available.

32nd Annual Red River Basin Land and Water International Summit Conference Program

Keynote - “Addressing Implementation Challenges Related to Integrated Water Resources Management” - Dr. Bruce Mitchell, Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo in Ontario

Lake Friendly Accord - Minister Gord Mackintosh, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship

Restoring and Protecting Water Quality in Minnesota - Commissioner John Linc Stine, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

North Dakota’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy - Mike Ell, North Dakota Department of Health

Lightning Talk Success Stories:

Success Stories Booklet

Buffalo River Restoration - Bruce Albright, Buffalo-Red River Watershed District, MN

The Assiniboine River Basin Initiative - Wanda McFadyen, Assiniboine River Basin Initiative

Gaynor Family Library Urban Prairie Project - An Urban and Rural Linked Initiative - Armand Belanger, East Interlake Conservation District

Sustainable Slopes - Partnerships, Trends and Challenges on the Manitoba Escarpment - Tim Sopuck, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation

North Dakota Water Festivals - Mike Noone, North Dakota State Water Commission

Wild Rice River (ND)Water Quality Decision Support Application - Zach Herrmann, Houston Engineering, Inc.

CoCoRaHS Manitoba: A Growing Network of Volunteer Weather Observers - Tiffany Taylor, CoCoRaHS Manitoba Coordinator

Long Term Flood Solutions (LTFS) Update - Jeff Lewis, Executive Director, RRBC

Distributed Detention Strategy - Jerry Bents, Houston Engineering; Chad Engels, Moore Engineering

Roseau River Watershed - How Watersheds are Meeting the 20% Goal - Nate Dalager, HDR Engineering; Tracy Halstensgard, Roseau River Watershed District

Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Update - Aaron Snyder, US Army Corps of Engineers; Mark Brodshaug, Cass County Joint Water Resource District

Assiniboine River Flood Mitigation - Steve Topping, Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation

Manitoba’s Surface Water Management Strategy - Rhonda McDougal, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship

Basin Technical & Scientific Advisory Committee’s Surface Drainage Strategy - Charles Fritz, International Water Institute

Canada-US Collaboration Success Story: An Agricultural/Urban Stormwater Model That Does it All - Cecilio Olivier, EOR Inc.

Aquatic Invasive Species: Educating, Controlling and Minimizing the Effects into the Red River Watershed
 - Fred Ryckman, North Dakota Game & Fish
 - Barry Stratton, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
 - Moriya Rufer, RMB Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
 - Candace Parks, Manitoba Conservation & Water Stewardship