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Lightning Talk Success Stories: A Quick Trip Around the Basin

- Parc Carillon Frog Pond: Jodi Goerzen, Seine-Rat River Conservation District, Village of St. Pierre-Jolys
- 2nd Street/Downtown Fargo Flood Protection: Randy Englestad, Houston Engineering, Inc.- Managing Water for Increased Resiliency of Drained Agricultural Landscapes: Xinhua Jia, North Dakota State University
Pelly’s Lake Watershed Management Area: Justin Reid, La Salle Redboine Conservation District
-South Central Eco Institute’s Riverwatch Program: Kent Lewarne, South Central Eco Institute
-Minnesota and North Dakota Silver Jackets Initiatives: Christiopher Erickson, US Army Corps of Engineers
-Sand Hill River Section 1135 Project: Zach Herrmann, Houston Engineering, Inc.
- Funk Cross-River Fence: Jodi Goerzen, Seine -Rat River Conservation District
- Community-Based Monitoring: Creating a Strong New Data Set for Evidence Based Decision-Making: Kirsten Earl McCorrister, Lake Winnipeg Foundation
- Successful Implementation of the Roseau River Wildlife Management Area Pool 3 Outlet Project and Completion of the Preliminary Engineering for the Roseau Lake Rehabilitation Project: Nate Dalager, HDR Engineering, Inc.

20 Years Since the 1997 Flood: Reflections of the Flood

- Randy Gjestvang
- Al Grasser
- Greg Gust
- Pat Zavoral

Long Term Flood Solutions (LTFS): Passport to Progress

- LTFS Update: Jeff Lewis, Executive Director, RRBC

- Red River Floodway: Protection for the City of Winnipeg: Steve Topping, Manitoba Infrastructure

Fargo-Moorhead Flood Control Project:

- Video of F-M Flood Control Panel

- Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project: April Walker, City of Fargo

Updates from Jurisdictional Leaders: Your First Class Ticket to the Basin

- Minnesota - Commissioner John Linc Stine, Pollution Control Agency

Break Out Sessions:  Welcome Basin Travelers, Please buckle your seatbelts it will be an educational ride

Session 3: Nutrient Capture and Biomass Harvesting
- Netley-Libau Marsh Restoration/Red River Dredging: Richard Grosshans, International Institute for Sustainable Development
- North Ottawa Nutrient Capture & Biomass Harvesting Project:  Aaron Ostlund, RRBC

Climate Adaptation: Your Passport to the Future

- Our Red River Basin: Current Conditions, Spring Outlook, and a Little Look Beyond?!:  Greg Gust, National Weather Service
- Manitoba Climate Change:  Danny Blair, Prairie Climate Centre
- Minnesota Climate Adaptation: Paul Moss, MN Pollution Control Agency

Hot Topics from Around the Basin: Welcome Frequent Flyers

- Minnesota Buffer Initiatives:  Dave Weirens, Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources
-Manitoba LiDAR: Hank Venema, International Institute for Sustainable Development
-Need for the Red River Valley Water Supply: Duane DeKrey, Garrison Diversion Conservancy District/Lake Agassiz Water Authority
- FEMA Re-mapping: Nathan Boerboom, City of Fargo, Kurt Lysne, Moore Engineering, Inc.

Closing Session: We Thank you for flying with the Red River Basin Commission and hope to see you again soon!

-Recreation in the Red River Basin: Christine Holland, River Keepers