33rd Conference - “Making Connections: People - Places - Water”
January, 2016

32nd Conference - “Meeting the Basin’s Needs: One Goal at a Time”

31st Conference - “The Pulse of the Basin: Getting to the Heart of the Issues”
January, 2014

30th Annual Conference - “Uniting the Red River Basin for 30 Years”
January, 2013

29th Annual Conference - “Water, Water!! Finding Solutions to Our   Challenges”
January, 2012

28th Annual Conference - “Reflections on the Red”
January, 2011

27th Annual Conference - “The Changing Face of Flooding”
January, 2010
26th Annual Conference - “Shaping the Basin’s Future Together”
January, 2009

25th Annual Conference - “The Power of A Dream: 25 Years of Red River Basin Land & Water International Summit Conferences”
January, 2008

24th Annual Conference - “The Ripple Effect: Working Today for a Better Tomorrow”
January, 2007

23rd Annual Conference - “Lake Winnipeg: The Mouth of the Red Speaks”
January, 2006

22nd Annual Conference - “Shared Resources, Shared Responsibilities”
January, 2005

21st Annual Conference - “Bridging the Past, Present and Future”
January, 2004

20th Annual Conference - “Watershed Management: Time for a Unified Voice”
January, 2003

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