As part of the planning process, nine inventory work teams were assigned the task of assessing the current status of the Basin's land and water management problems, issues, and  opportunities in the following areas:  Water Law; Water Institutions; Hydrology; Water Supply; Water Quality; Drainage; Water Supply; Flood Damage Reduction; Conservation; Fish, Wildlife, and Outdoor Recreation.  

In addition, the nine inventory teams developed goals and objectives based on information gathered during the inventory process and, from the teams' perspectives, and the expectations of the  Basin's residents.

The RRBC asked Basin residents to help develop the draft goals and objectives.  Basin residents were able to provide comments and opinions to the Board during a series of eight public meetings  held within the Red River Basin. 



Basin Goals

  • Goal #1 Manage by Watershed: Manage natural resources in the RRB by watershed boundaries rather than
    political boundaries.
  • Goal #2 Integration: Integrate natural resource management.
  • Goal #3 Data and Tools for Decision Makers: Increase applied research and data management to support decision-making.
  • Goal #4 Education/Information: Improve stakeholder participation and awareness of land
    and water issues.
  • Goal #5 Flood Forecasting: Maintain state of the art flood forecasting tools for the Red River Basin.
  • Goal #6 Flood Mitigation: Reduce risk of flood damages for people, property and the environment in the mainstem floodplain and in tributary watersheds.
  • Goal #7 Flood Response & Recovery: Ensure that flood (natural disaster) response and recovery programs meet the needs of all RRB residents.
  • Goal #8 Drainage: Manage urban and agricultural drainage systems to enhance productivity while minimizing
    impacts to others.
  • Goal #9 Water Quality: Maintain, protect, and restore surface and ground water quality in
    the Red River Basin.
  • Goal #10 Water Supply: Ensure the appropriate use and sustainability of
    the Basin’s surface and ground water.
  • Goal #11 Conservation: Increase soil conservation efforts within the Basin.
  • Goal #12 Fish & Wildlife: Conserve, manage, and restore diversity and viability of native
    fish and wildlife.
  • Goal #13 Outdoor Recreation: Enhance and develop recreational infrastructure and access to the Basin’s natural resources.
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