Long Term Flood Solutions

The Red River Basin Commission received a Legislative Mandate to develop Long Term Flood Solutions (LTFS).  The RRBC gathered information from entities in the Red River Basin on the recent and past floods for use in the development of a regional flood damage reduction strategy. 



LTFS Update, January 2015

Final Comprehensive Report
September 2011

LTFS Report Appendices

Red River Basin Map

 MN/ND Distributed Detention Plans

Report on Public Engagement Meetings - May, 2011

LTFS Executive Summary
September, 2011

Assumptions for Future Conditions

Level of Flood Protection Goals

Long Term Flood Solutions Principles

Flow Reduction Strategy in the Bois de Sioux Watershed

Basinwide Flow Reduction Strategy

Long Term Flood Solutions Workplan

2009 RRBC Public Flood Forums Summary

LTFS Project Flyer

Long Term Flood Solutions Project Update, December 2009

LTFS Status Update - April 13, 2010



Long Term Flood Solutions Committees

Committee Minutes

Flood Information Links


Fargo-Moorhead Feasibility Study/Diversion information


FM Diversion Authority

The Minnesota and North Dakota legislatures each appropriated $500,000 to the Red River Basin Commission to develop, in consultation and cooperation with boards and commissions involved in water management and flood prevention and control in the Red River Basin, a recommendation for a plan of action to address, mitigate, and respond to flooding issues in the Red River watershed. 


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