RRB Resolution

The Red River Basin Commission (RRBC) has developed the Natural Resource Framework Plan (NRFP) to promote a holistic approach to water and land management based on the recognition that everyone within the basin is connected.   We need to remember that we are all in this together, all part of the problem and all part of the solutions that are needed.  A collaborative, basin-wide and sub-basin approach to natural resource management will help us to find common ground and work cooperatively toward beneficial solutions, which is the best insurance we have to protect our natural resources for the next generation.

In order to build a unified voice around the vision outlined in the NRFP the Board has developed a Resolution of support.  By signing the Resolution,  local government units commit to doing what they can within the framework of their mandate and resources to help realize the goals outlined in the NRFP. 

Signed Resolutions

Red River Basin Resolution

The land and water resources within the Red River Basin are crucial to the health of the economy, the resilience and prosperity of communities, the health of fish and wildlife, and the well being, health and enjoyment of everyone who lives, works, and visits the basin.  The complex geopolitical nature of the Red River Basin presents challenges to effective integrated land and water management.  To overcome these challenges, we need to work together across boundaries in a spirit of cooperation and friendship to achieve common goals for land and water management.  The Red River Basin Resolution is a good-faith agreement among basin residents and organizations and is not a legally binding document nor does it interfere with any existing laws, agreements, treaties, or policies.

WHEREAS, we recognize that our actions today impact the legacy we leave the next generation;

WHEREAS, we realize that working together allows us to develop and implement creative solutions to problems that work toward the betterment of the whole basin;

WHEREAS, the Red River Basin Commission (RRBC) is a unique organization that facilitates a cooperative approach within the basin as a well established forum for identifying, developing and implementing solutions to cross boundary issues;

WHEREAS, the RRBC has developed the Red River Basin Natural Resource Framework Plan (RRB-NRFP) through in-depth basin-wide consultation as a guideline to help unite the basin in achieving a collaborative and cooperative approach to land and water management within the basin;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that ___________________ hereby declares support for the RRB-NRFP in principle as a guideline for moving forward with a shared vision for the future;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that  ______________________ will do our part by implementing projects, programs, and actions in our area
as we are able that will contribute to this shared vision.

     Adopted by: _____________________________________________

     Attested to by:_________________________ Date:_____________


RRBC Vision: A Red River Basin where residents, organizations and governments work together to achieve basin-wide commitment to comprehensive integrated watershed stewardship and management.

RRBC Mission: To develop a Red River Basin integrated natural resources framework plan, to achieve commitment to implement the framework plan, and to work toward a unified voice for the Red River Basin.



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